donderdag 23 mei 2013

Two Cat Personalities

I think my post from yesterday gave away something about those silly kitties we have.

I am amazed that their relationship and how they interact with eachother is still evolving. And that is 10 months after Mies got into our home. From fighting to tolerance (after their stay in a pension during the holidays) to fighting to tolerance to playing.

Rover has started his second youth (he will be nine years old this summer) as I see it. Since Mies was permitted to go outside without a leash they are playing with eachother in the garden. They are both running and jumping through the garden, scaring either one of them. It is a pleasure to watch! (And they even got the neighbourhood cat involved in this playing. Normally he was fighting for territory with Rover)

But sometimes, if Mies does something silly you can see that if he were to have eyebrows he would raise them, as in: "What on Earth are you doing, silly woman!"

Mies continues to be a bit hyperactive, neurotic, overly happy and cuddly.

But they have started to sleep on the same couch (see pictures above).

And this morning they were surprisingly lying almost next to eachother on our bed. There was a bit of teasing involved (Mies hitting Rover and backing away) but she was still on the bed instead of underneath it. Normally she runs away if she even notices Rover comes unto our bed.

Will they ever cuddle next to eachother? Will they eventually start to wash eachother?

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