donderdag 2 mei 2013

A Little Pick Me Up

There are days that you think: "Can it be tomorrow already, please?"
I had one of those days yesterday. A day full of kids whining and bickering, not listening and a mommy trying to either entertain them (to please stop the fighting) or trying to ignore them. I did lose my temper a couple of times, I am afraid.
A day like yesterday is not a good day. And very hard to let go.
I really needed a pick me up. Badly.
After Big Man came home, I excused myself and sewed away my frustrations behind my sewing machine. You know, to get the feeling to at least get one thing right on such a day!
It worked :)

This morning I got up "refreshed" (bad days stick a bit too much) and started a new day.
Things luckily were better than yesterday.
The kids played a bit more behaved and I had to give Little Man less time-outs (I don't know what is wrong with him, maybe he is just out of routine this May vacation).
 My mother-in-law came over. Grandparents are lifesavers, seriously!

I worked a bit on my border, but the blanket got stolen: 

Bad days happen. Tomorrow there are new possibilities (and probably kids that respond better to their mommy :) )!

I also wanted to thank you for all of your comments during the last few days. They were little lights during the past days. Thank you so much!

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  1. Somedays are unfortunately like that. Generally they don't come two days in a row though. Glad you could see a bit, it's a good thing :-)

    1. Hi Astri, luckily it did not become three days in a row! I am doing much better. Thank you for your kind words!


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