vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Handmade Exhibition

The kids went to a sleepover with their grandparents so Big Man and I went to a museum of contemporary arts (Boijmans van Beuningen) for a little bit of culture education. There was a lovely exhibition on handmade items throughout the history.  It was wonderful to see how craftmanship has changed throught the centuries, and it was amazing to see what kind of skills some crafter have. I have tried to capture the diversity of the exhibtion but I could not photograph it all because there was so  much to see!!

Here are some highlights...

This is a wedding gift. Made of paper.... Can you imagine the amount of cutting skills of this maker?

Astonishing lace bonnet.

One of the first electric water kettles. They made it look like old fashioned kettles so they would sell.

"One sheep, one sweater" project. This project shows that the wool of one sheep can be quite different from another sheep. The left sweater is much shorter than the right sweater!

Bottle shapes made of paper!

Hand embroidered silk... Absolutely amazing...


Hexagon quilt. Hand sewn with more than 16.000 hexies.....

Absolutely stunning....

We also made a quick tour through the painting exhibition and these two were just asking to be featured..


Typical Dutch view!


One of my fave painters, the wonderful Monet and his poppy field.

We had a blast. What a wonderful afternoon.

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