dinsdag 28 mei 2013

The Sun is Here

Finally! The Sun is Back!! Although it has been two normal work days for me, I tried to relax two times yesterday in between classes and indulged in some sunny warmth. Absolute bliss.... I really needed it after two weeks of rain!
I went into the botanical garden, investigated the pond to see if we have some tadpoles (we have!) and am finally reading a book. As in fiction. The last fiction novel I read cover to cover was over three years ago. Last week I went to a bookstore for a gift and came home with "De lessen van mevrouw Lohman" in Dutch and "Der Hals der Giraffe" of Judith Schalansky. It is not available in English I'm afraid.... It is a book about a biology teacher who has pinned down her own method of teaching children but is so rigid in it that if something strange happens she is flabbergasted that she can actually feel emotions. Quite fun to read, lots of biological phrases. I can recommend this book!

Today I was earlier home and let the kids loose in the garden, lifted up the sun umbrella en finally sat down in the garden. Perfect!

We really needed this kind of weather over here. It was so cold and windy and rainy!

Hopefully it will stay....

And on another note:

Tiny coots!

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