zondag 26 mei 2013

Almost A Year Ago


Almost a year ago I published my first shawl pattern, Setting Sun.
The Setting Sun was a gift for my mother-in-law after the passing of her partner.

I published it and I did not know it would become (in my view) a very popular pattern and I still blush for the compliments I get for this shawl. 
The credits must go to all the crocheters who enjoyed the pattern!

I want to celebrate the "birthday" of the pattern with you all.
I would  love to see all the Setting Suns that have been made in the first year of its existence!

On the birthday of Setting Sun (June 5th) I would like to publish a post and feature a picture of your Setting Sun.
I've noticed on Ravelry lots of colours add a different perspective on this shawl.

If you want to join the birthday party please drop me a message with either a photo/link to your Setting Sun and add some information about the shawl.
If you have a blog I would love to know the link and put it in your description along with your photo!

Thanks all, and let's create a party!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful Barbara! Gotta' love a sunset, especially this one.

    1. Thanks so much Astri, you are too kind!


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