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Pattern: Skinny Scarf

Today I am publishing my very first ever pattern :)

Last summer, I wanted to make a skinny scarf. I just love scarves and shawls. Love to make lace. Love to browse Ravelry in search of new crocheted scarves and shawls. I love to wear them and I want to have one for every occasion!

Last winter, I decided it was time for me to do more with techniques, but due to time shortage, there wasn't really an opportunity to start playing with yarn and hook and make swatches with different crochet techniques.

Lately, I started to get the urge to be more creative, and I decided to take the plunge: I am going to start designing my own stuff. I played around with something last summer/autumn/winter, but with two kids, work and a household, time is precious.

Hopefully this blog will not only help me with learning more about biology, but also help me discover new crochet techniques and publish my own ideas/designs.

Here is my first one!

Ahhhh, pink! Purple! Most people associate me with black. So, my accesories are NOT black! I love how colours stand out on a simple black top and that is what I had in mind with this skinny scarf. I wanted to make something summery, playful, arty-farty (as my dear husband calls it) and simple.

What do you need?

I made it with sport weight cotton (needle size 2.5-3.0) and crocheted with a 3.5 mm crochet hook I think. You can pick any yarn or needle you want (it is an "any yarn, any gauge" pattern) just make sure that you pick a crochet hook one or two sizes bigger than stated on the ball band. Crochet stitches are stiffer than knitted stitches. I crochet very loose, so I know I can stay close to the size stated on the ball band.

For this pattern I chose some yarn I had in my stash. I wanted to make a beach bag, purchased the yarn, and decided the pattern was to labour intensive (yes, I am very lazy with patterns, I just want simple repeats!) so it was hiding in my yarn cabinet. Three colours close together look lovely, but do anything you want! The balls all have 125 mtrs of yarn, but I did not use them fully. But again, this is more of a tutorial than a pattern, so any meterage will do, as long as you keep an eye on the length of the scarf you want.
In the pattern I will refer to the three colours I have used for this scarf:
Colour A is purple
Colour B is hard pink
Colour C is soft pink

Basic stitches!

I will use US crochet terms during the pattern description. It is really a beginner project.

ch (chain) : yarn over hook, pull through loop

sc (single crochet): hook in st (stitch), yarn over hook, pull yarn through st, yarn over hook, pull through two loops on hook

hdc (half double crochet): yarn over hook, hook in st, yarn over hook, pull through st, yarn over hook, pull through all three loops on hook

dc (double crochet): yarn over hook, hook in st, yarn over hook, pull through st, yarn over hook, pull through two loops, yarn over hook, pull through last two loops on hook


Let the fun begin!

Pick your first colour of choice (in my scarf colour A) and start with a slip knot. Then start your foundation chain and make it as long as you want. Mine is about 2 meters long. The amount of stitches should be an odd number, but it's okay to make an mistake. Just cheat on row three. With this pattern, you do NOT turn at each row. This scarf will have a good side and a wrong side.

Row 1: Ch2, hdc in each st. Break off yarn (or cut) and fasten off.

Row 2: Pull through colour B, ch1(does not count as st), sc in each st. Fasten off.

Row 3: Pull through colour C, ch3 (counts as dc), *ch1, sk 1 st, dc*, repeat between * and * till end of row. Fasten off. (if your count was off while making the foundation chain you can cheat by doing a ch-2 before the last dc and just put one sc in the ch-sp in row 4 shhh don't tell anyone!)

Row 4: Pull through colour B, ch1(does not count as st), sc in each st and ch-space. Fasten off.

Row 5 - 8: repeat row 1-4

Row 9: Pull through colour A, ch2, hdc in each st till end of row. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.
If you want to have a wider scarf, just repeat row 1-4 till you are happy with the width of the scarf.

In het Nederlands is het allemaal ietsje anders, maar voor de Neerlandici even het vertaalde patroon (ik hoop dat het goed staat allemaal, heb eigenlijk alleen maar ervaring met Amerikaanse patronen!):

Maak een ketting van het aantal gewenste lossen met kleur A (donkerpaars). Het aantal lossen zou een oneven aantal moeten geven, maar het is niet heel erg. Je kunt altijd een beetje "cheaten" bij rij 3. Deze sjaal draai je niet aan het einde van de rij. De sjaal heeft dus een goede en een verkeerde kant.

Rij 1: Met dezelfde kleur A maak twee lossen (?), maak een half stokje in iedere opvolgende steek. Hecht de draad af. 

Rij 2: Hecht kleur B aan (donkerroze), maak 1 losse (telt niet als steek mee), maak een vaste in iedere steek. Hecht de draad af.

Rij 3: Hecht kleur C aan (lichtroze), maak 3 lossen (telt mee als stokje), *1 losse, sla 1 steek over, maak een stokje in de volgende steek*, herhaal tussen * en * tot het einde van de rij. Hecht de draad af. (hier kun je dus cheaten, als je per ongeluk toch een steek teveel over hebt aan het einde maak je twee lossen ipv 1 losse voor het laatste stokje. Maak bij rij 4 dan in de losse-ruimte 1 vaste)

Rij 4: Hecht kleur B aan, 1 losse (telt niet mee als steek), maak een vaste in iedere steek en iedere losse van de rij eronder. Hecht draad af.

Rij 5-8: herhaal rij 1-4

Rij 9: Hecht kleur A aan, 2 lossen, maak een half stokje in iedere opvolgende steek. Hecht de draad af.

Werk alle draadjes weg.
Als je de sjaal breder wilt hebben herhaal je rij 1-4 tot de gewenste breedte.

Make tassels (if you want to) and tie them to the end of each row. I cannot find a tutorial that makes the same tassels as I did, but it is very simple. Just cut several strands of yarn of the same length, double the length you want the tassels to be. Fold it double and pull the "point" where the tassel is held double (a loop) through the end of the row. You have a loop. Pull the length of the tassel through the loop. Done!

After a quick second search and some Google-fu, I did find a tutorial to make tassels the way I did! It is over here.

Wear it with pride! 

Moogly HOHD

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  1. Thank you. For the tip on how to make fringe.... I searched and searched and came up with nothing... Love the pattern, gonna have to try it.

  2. Hi, I will be making this with one color-changing yarn instead of three separate balls. Could you possibly tell me how to do this patter with said yarn (I am terrible with patterns)?

    1. Hi Jennifer, you could do it, but you will not get a distinctive wrong or right side. Just omit the "pull new color through" parts and turn at the end of each row.
      Hope this helps!

  3. i love this pattern,and its just in my favorite colors!
    monday i am going to buy the yarn,and then i will make him.
    thank you very much.

  4. Thank you - this worked up very fast. Made it for Christmas for my grandson with yarn left over from the hat I made him. Very nice.

  5. This is really nice, but could you explain how to fasten off? I'm very confused with that. Thank you so much!

    1. You fasten off after each row and attach a new colour when you start a new row. Is that what you mean?

  6. Wat een leuk patroontje! En ideaal bij deze temperaturen; wel een sjaaltje om, maar niet te warm :)

  7. Wat een leuke sjaal, eenvoud siert. Dank je wel voor het patroon!

  8. I finished my first scarf thanks to your great's awesome! Wish I could show you the pic I took of it lol

  9. Loved your idea for a skinny scarf, so I set out to make one for a teen girl, making some changes to the pattern. Row 1 HDC. (At end of each row break-off thread and slip stitch to secure; start each new row at the beginning instead of turning) Row 2 SC. Row 3 HDC BLO, Row 4 SC BLO. Row 5 DC-CH1, Skip 1, repeat. Turn to end of first row and repeat Row 4. Make tassels at both ends, incorporating the slip stitch ends into the tassels. Clip all tassels and ends evenly.


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