donderdag 26 april 2012

A Very Normal Working Day For A Teacher...


05.30 Alarm clock on my telephone goes off....I hit the snooze button, but stay awake anyway and decide to get out of bed before my alarm goes off again. Little Lady turns and tosses, drinks a bit before I leave bed and sleeps a bit more with the papa next to her.
06.00 Got out of the shower, got dressed, Little Lady is awake and snuggles with the papa.
06.10 Try to wake up Little Man. Time to get dressed! Lots of running, peeing, clothes flying around, lots of giggles. The kids are awake.
06.30 Going downstairs with the kids to get everything ready for breakfast, Big Man is getting dressed too.
07.00 Almost the end of breakfast. Lunch has been made for me, Little Man and Big Man. Get everything ready to go to school/the babysitter. Big Man leaves for work.
07.15 Getting the kids into their shoes, coats, putting Little Lady into the jogger, Little Man getting his backpack, getting my own shoes and coat and bag.
07.20 Get out of the house in a hurry!
07.30 At the babysitters: inform her what was going on during the night (sleeping well or not), if the kids had been eating or drinking during breakfast, give a kiss and snuggle to both kids and wave goodbye.
07.45 Getting into public transport. Now I can relax. Either with some papers to grade or some crochet-on-the-go
08.30 Walk into the school building. Say goodmorning to colleagues, get some coffee which really starts my day. Collect my books. And comb my hair. Yes, you read it right, in the morning routine I do not have time to comb my hair.....
09.05-09.55 First class. Fourth grade biology. These kids have a big exam on Friday so today is preparation day. They are exceptionally relaxed about it. Is that good or bad?
09.55-10.05 Coffee break. I hurry to get some time to pee.
10.05-11.55 Third grade biology. A bit of a weird lesson, since we only have to do the last assignments of the chapter. I let them chat a bit and work in little time sessions.Had a nice conversation with one student about using insulin if you are a diabetic
11.55 RUN!!!!! To the other building (we have two buildings)
11.20 Fling open the door to my first graders in the other building and decide what to do with just 25 minutes left.....
11.55 The bell rings. Lunch break. I go to the teacher's room, and get a big pile of papers stuffed into my arms. Special assignments for my fourth graders to practice for their exam. With a sandwich in my hand I get just enough time to think through the first question, then it is time again to get up, pee, and go to my class...
12.25 Fourth grade again. Still very mellow and relaxed. I guide them through the practice assignment. Those who really want to pass, pay attention. A few boys keep on talking about other stuff. They don't seem to care. Well, their responsibility as long as they do not give to much noise.
13.15 Run three stairs up to go sit in a classroom where my fifth grade General Science class is taking an exam. It is exams week for them, so I do not teach them but I have to sit with another exam. Economy this time.
14.20 I close the door, run downstairs, go to the administration to deliver the exams. Grab my coat and go to the tram to go home. In the tram I got my crochet project out the bag and get some stitching done.
15.10 I had a nagging feeling and as I get to the centre of The Hague, my feelings come true. Five trams standing behind eachother before the tunnel at Grote Markt. Damn it! I call my babysitter telling I will be late. She will pick up Little Man at school fortunately
15.35 I walk out of the tram and I see the babysitter with Little Lady and Little Man.
16.00 Home! Got something to drink and snack. And sit down. Aaaaaaaaaaaah.....
16.30 Big Man comes home. Everyone happy!
17.15 Time to cook
18.00 Time to eat.
19.00 I bring Little Lady to bed
20.00 Downstairs again. Grown up time.
21.30 Time to snuggle into bed, warming up under the blankets and get some sleep......zzzzzzzzzzzz

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