woensdag 27 februari 2013

Back to Henna Again!


I had two tone hair for way too long. I think it has been almost a year since I last put some henna mud on it. 

About time!

I am back to full henna treatments, because I love the reds it gives you.

The last few times I did 2 parts neutral henna (or cassia) with 1 part henna.

But this time: 100% beautiful henna of my favorite brand.

This is how I do it: 
In a bowl I put 300 grams of henna for my tailbone length hair, mix it with boiled water until it is a nice paste (not to crumbly and thick, not to thin and drippy), put two tablespoons of conditioner in it and a tablespoon of honey.
Then I detangle my hair and wet it with strong chamomile tea (this treatment will give nice soft and glossy hair!), put on the henna paste and massage it really well on my hair making sure everything is covered. Use gloves! Otherwise you will have orange hands for a while.
Put cling wrap on your head and look in the mirror. My problem is that I always have to much henna on my forehead and ears. I always clean those parts directly after the cling wrapping.
I left it on for two hours. The longer you leave it the more intense the colour will be.
After those two hours I always rinse it out with lots and lots and lots of water and lots and lots of conditioner.

Result: soft, shiny, glossy red hair. I love it.

For more information about henna I always go to this site: Henna for Hair