vrijdag 8 februari 2013

One Happy Doll Mommy

Do you remember this doll bassinet? I bought this for 5 euros on the flea market in April. It was so humongously girly that I stripped off the canopy and the fabric from the sides. It was ugly. And unfortunatly very botchy stitched and hammered together.

It stayed stripped for about 10 months. And right now, it really needed to be redecorated with Little Lady's birthday coming up (last Monday). So Sunday evening I was sewing away for a new canopy with the fabric I already had in my stash for months! On Monday I installed the canopy itself (screwing the canopy holder onto it nice and tight)

And here it is!


Isn't it cute? I thought it was a little blah, so I designed the Little Stuffed Crocheted Heart to hang underneath the canopy. The amazing Daisy Doll blanket and this heart absolutely are a great match. I am very pleased!

I think Little Lady is also pleased since she parked her Duplo cars in the bassinet...

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