zondag 24 februari 2013

What Are We Up To?

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The weeks are flying by as so it seems. Another week at home and I will be starting working at school again. One class a week is the idea, so I am going to build up slowly. I am very curious how it will go after being away for so long.
This week was very fruitful I think! I started the "Ask me" post and although it seems it is quiet over here, I got some nice responses over at Ravelry. If you have some ideas that would need to be included for a beginners FAQ, please let me know over at the "Ask me" post.
This was also my first week participating at Link Parties. I saw it for the first time when Moogly from Mooglyblog started to co-host the Hookin' on Hump Day from My Merry Messy Life. What a load of fun! In short a Link Party is a "party" held at a blog (which is the host(ess) and you link up a craft. I decided to participate in three link parties: Hookin' On Hump Day, I love Fridays over at Crochet Boulevard and a link party over at Dutchie Annemarie's Haakblog.

I think it is fun to see all sorts of crafts and getting to know new people. I know I have been starting a few other blogs, and I gained a few followers over here! Welcome!

So, what are we up to? A lot of things! I need to finish the stuff I will give away on my birthday next week and today I will hopefully finish a new pattern. Also you might have noticed that I have been putting patterns that were only a linky in the "Learn to Crochet Simple Style" as a full pattern in seperate blogposts. I think that will make it more user/readerfriendly over here.

It is getting prettier and prettier over here!


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