vrijdag 31 mei 2013

Finished! African Flower Hexagon Blanket


And that was the final end I needed to weave in.... I barely made it to include this blanket officially for my "May Stash Busting Total".
And it is the only project I got done this month! What a gargantuous project.....


Here it is in all its glory, I am soooooooo happy with this blanket. It is so beautiful! 
Really worth the effort.


I made a border with rounds with either a dc or a sc. The coloured ones are single crocheted and the dark blue ones (except for the final round that one is a sc round) are double crocheted. I fiddled with some stitches to get the corners and valleys right, but I decided on sc3tog/dc3tog for the valleys and (dc,ch,dc)/(sc,ch,sc) for the corners.

I really like how the colours pop out of the blanket!
Are you ready for the blanket in its full glory?

The border is just perfect...... I am so so happy with it. It really gives a neat finish. It gives a feeling of "done-ness" if that is a word!


Here is a nice shot of the border!

The numbers, statistics and totals!

Time: it took me almost two years from start to finish, but in reality it took me three months or so. I absolutely hated weaving in the ends...

Yarn: 8 balls of acrylic yarn have been eaten up by this blanket. I used Wibra Ella en Scheepjes something. Don't remember the name. I have 2 partial balls left and a bit of leftovers if the blanket needs some mending in the future.

How much does it weigh: about 1200 grams! It was about a kilo the last time, so I've busted 200 grams this month.

Costs: about 20 euros.

The pattern can be found here!

Another blanket on the couch :) doesn't it look lovely?