zondag 5 mei 2013

Green Happiness

Thank you so much for all your kinds words on my last post and on my facebookpage! I was a bit down, but the last few days we are absolutely on the mend. Little Man started to listen better, so things are running much smoother. We had a few fantastic days and the weather sure helped to calm things down.

The weather was amazing.

We spent most of the afternoons outside. Sitting in the sun, looking at the flowers, a little bit of gardening here and there and just relax. I was mostly enjoying the view while the kids were playing.

Lots and lots and lots of colours are making me so very happy at the moment, look at our backyard!

For the first time since we live in this house (five years) I finally feel the backyard is "done". It is beautiful! Both me and Big Man did a lot of work during the last few weeks. Weeding, getting the ground even after removing some very big roots (we had a hill for the last two years in the back of the yard!), laying a plan for annuals etc. It looks smashing right now. When I look at it I don't feel any anxiety at all of seeing "errors" or things I cannot take care of myself or ugliness.

Very happy.

Next project: front yard......

I am working on the front yard and I will let you see it when it looks nice. Our front yard was neglected for most of the time........

But in the mean time I am patiently waiting for Mother's Day (probably Saturday next week).

 Then these little seedlings are free to go outside!

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