woensdag 22 mei 2013

Ordinary Wednesdays

I am still weaving in ends... I am starting to think it will never end... There are so many projects I want to start (and to be honest, I have three projects running on the side...)!

Little Lady always happily plays on Wednesday mornings. Little Man is at school and we have a bit of mother-daughter (or mother-one kid) time. It is nice, she is great company.

Mies was her usual self. Butting her head into anything I was doing and being hyperactive, but not wanting to go outside. Silly kitty.

Yesterday I saw this idea at our daycare provider: tying a baby wrap (woven) around the table with a square knot and you have an excellent hammock for kiddies. Since I have several wraps both kids got a hammock. They were very happy with them and played (sometimes a bit too wild) and rocked all afternoon.

Ordinary wednesdays are awesome.

I am off, hopefully getting an early night because the kids were pretty wild today :)

Have a great evening!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat ontzettend leuk die draagdoeken zo! Kan me voorstellen dat ze daar een hoop plezier aan hebben :)

  2. What a great idea with the hammocks!! And mies is so cute :) With a face like that you can forgive her for being difficult! xx

    1. She is such a sweety pie! It is very hard to stay mad with her :)

  3. Fabulous idea with the hammocks! I always find sewing in then ends of projects quite therapeutic...
    M x

    1. I would love to feel relaxed while weaving in ends.... But unfortunately there are so many of them in this project!


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