donderdag 16 mei 2013

Who's that Kitty?

I've gotten quite a few questions in my mailbox about "that little floppy kitty in your header". I thought it would be nice to introduce the lovely kitty to you!

It is an Amineko Cat and it is a Japanese crocheted sleeping kitty. It is designed by Nekoyama. It is so cute! The basic pattern is free on Ravelry (link above) and on her website (link below) but she also made a book centered around her Amineko.

It is a great crochet pattern and the diagrams are superb. The only tricky thing is getting the expression right..

I made it three years ago (I think) and normally the kitty sleeps on the top of the couch. But as you might know, with kids cuddly toys end up everywhere in the house. I found the poor kitty stuck in a closet behind some books so I rescued him. He is probaboly very happy to be back on the couch!

This kitty is absolutely my favorite crocheted amigurumi animal! Maybe new kitties will be made from your hands?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The Kitty is so sweet! It looks so peaceful and happy sleeping! Very cute!

  2. So cute :) Thank you for sharing the pattern link too....I'm off to have a look now!


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