woensdag 15 mei 2013

An Old Treasure

This little sewing chest came home with me from the Queensday flea market. I just could not resist not buying it!

It is gorgeous and old. And it was filled with lots of crafty stuff.

Old thread and an old ripper.

I love the measuring tape (it is made of fabric!) and these rotary thingys (I have no idea how you call them in English).

Hand made needle cases.

It also had a pincushion, lots of sock yarn to mend sock holes, a few ribbons, zippers, some lace bands etc.

This package proves that the content is quite old: the "Vroom & Dreesmann" logo is quite different nowadays (it is a big department store), and I cannot even remember if they sold needles. The "Scheepjes" name you see is a brand of yarn which is still sold, but the logo doesn't look like this at all!

But how old is it? I don't know. I hope someone who reads this can make a guess...

The former owner probably knit quite a few socks and sewed clothing.

She liked to embroider. (This is a detail of the pincushion, is this a certain embroidery technique?)

She sewed by hand probably and by machine, judging by the metal bobbin which was in the chest.

And I am quite intrigued by this needle. It is quite long and thick and it has a triangular shape.

Does anybody have a clue what kind of needle this is?

I just love to get to know some history of (Dutch) needlecraft!

The owner of this chest probably left some crafty legacy in her family. I hope she had lots of fun being crafty and creative during her life...

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