vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Tiny Treasure


Isn't it cute?

It is not a potholder, coaster or small scarf start.

It is a miniature granny stripe blanket (I've put a crochet hook of my own next to it for comparison).

This is my mothers creation for her dollhouse. She has been into miniatures for years and has made several miniature knitted accessories for her dollhouse, but this is the first crocheted miniature caught in a picture.

She works with very thin crochet cotton and a 0.6 mm (on the top of my head so I hope I am saying this right) crochet hook.

I think it is adorable hanging over a miniature chair in a dollhouse living room. 

It was almost finished. It only needed a border and finishing off the ends. 

Kudos for my mom making these teeny tiny things!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. So cute! Your mother is very talented! I inherited one of those tiny crochet hooks from my grandmother, she used it to crochet lace, but I didn't dare to try it yet. Kudos to your mother indeed!

    1. I do not dare it either :) too small for me! I will pass on the kudos!

  2. So cute! Your mom must be so patient for making something like that :) xx


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