vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Happy Things #6



I can do my favorite hairdo's again! Last Sunday I handed over the scissors to Big Man and said:
"It's too long. Cut it please."
I was annoyed at all the folding I had to do to make my favorite updo's work.
My ends were dry and frazzled. Not knotty, but frazzled.
It probably had not been cut for a year.
So, I let Big Man decide where mid-butt length was and cut it.
He pulled down my ends to even them out for cutting and noticed that my hair wasn't classic length anymore. It was approaching thigh length!
As long as it still would be around tailbone length after cutting it was fine by me.
He cut about 8" or so and now I have very nice thick ends and a length that is perfect again for crown braids!
(Top picture: double crown braid, last two pictures: single crown braid)

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