woensdag 13 februari 2013

Colours of Today

I saw a theme today. Lots of warm colours around the house making it all feel cozy.
Little Lady got her "little bed" turned into a "big girl bed" with nice blankets.
All the daffodils my mother brought with her are in bloom.
I was surprised by a bouquet of flowers that was delivered at my door. So lovely, they were sent by school because of my absence. It is a lovely bunch of flowers!
The kids were asking for jelly beans in the supermarket and I caved. Little Brats.
And I finally took out my birthday present from last year, my semi precious stone solitary game. The kids are finally at a stage that they can be careful about it and I love, just love that I can put it on the table!
I also made a pillowcase, my first!

Every day a bit better. I still have my downs but I am noticing I can handle more stress a little better.

Good news!

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