vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Blank Canvas

The past few months all of our pillows were either lying on the ground or missing/lying somewhere else in the house. Not on the couch where they should be.

We were out of love. Very much out of love.

So I decided it was time to revamp our pillows and do a bit of nice sewing. As in: sewing as it should be done. The project itself did not went as smoothly as I wanted it to be.

It took me 3 days.
I could not get the "automatic button thingy" on the sewing machine to work properly (lots of bunched up thread!).
My serger decided to simply not cooperate.

So the pillowcase is very basic and I see them as blank canvases. They are not done yet. They are in need a bit of a "Zomaar Een Dag" touch. Something Crocheted!

I have some ideas and I just need a bit of thinking time to let the ideas cook through.

The pillowcases were made with the awesome tutorial of ByMiekK, a recylcling sewing/quilting madam with a wonderful blog!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Barbara, you had commented on my blog about the Spring Fever wall hanging I did. I used machine quilting on the petals and I used my own pattern for the petals. Thanks for dropping by my blog! :). Amy - Sew Incredibly Crazy

  2. No problem at all, you made an absolute stunning piece of art! Hopefully I will get a chance and inspiration in the future to do some freestyle quilting :)


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