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Pattern: Hair Toy Basket

General information
This is the fourth and last practice pattern of the course “Learn to Crochet Simple Style”.  In this pattern you can make a lovely basket, lined and all, for little bits and bobs you want to store.

Skill level

Ch: chain
Sl st: slip stitch
Sc: single crochet
Dc: double crochet
Blo: back loop only

With this pattern you can make the basket and I will give you a basic explanation on how to add lining. On my blog you can find detailed instructions on how to line crocheted/knitted items with fabric. Ofcourse it is not mandatory to line the basket with fabric (I used fusible webbing to make it more stiff), but otherwise it will not stand up on its own. If you want to make it stand up without fabric, you will probably have to stiffen it with starch.
I changed colours every row, but not on the first row without increases and chose the same colour for the last round before making the handles (see pictures).

Finished measurement
Bottom:  6.3 “ x 6.3” 
Height: 6.5 inches
Gauge:  8 rows and 14 dc is 4”x 4”

Rowan Handknit Cotton in a variety of colours, or any other DK/light worsted weight yarn
Crochet hook size 4.0 mm
Cotton fabric
Fusible webbing (Vlieseline 630, this is a webbing that adds a bit of loft and can be ironed onto the fabric)
Needle and thread

Do not turn work at the end of the round. Choose different colours for each round.

Ch3, sl st to close.

Round 1: Ch3, dc eleven times into ring (12 dc)

Round 2: Ch3, dc into same st, dc twice into each st, sl st to top ch of ch3 (24 dc)

Round 3: Ch3, dc into next two dc, *dc 5 times into next dc, dc in next five st* , repeat between ** two more times,  dc 5 times into next st, dc into last two dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (40 dc)

Round 4: Ch3, dc into next four dc, *dc 5 times into middle dc of dc5 group of previous round, dc into next nine dc*, repeat between ** two more times,  dc 5 times into middle dc of dc5 group of previous round, dc into last four dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (56 dc)

Round 5: Ch3, dc once into next six dc, * dc 5 times into next dc, dc once into next 13 dc*, repeat between ** two more times, dc 5 times into middle dc of dc5 group, dc once into last six dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (72 dc)

Round 6: Ch3, dc once into next eight dc, * dc 5 times into next dc, dc once into next 17 dc*, repeat between ** two more times, dc 5 times into middle dc of dc5 group, dc once into last eight dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (88 dc)

If you want to alter the size of the bottom of the bag, just keep increasing like round 3-6 describe, making 5 dc into the middle stitch of dc5 groups of previous rounds. You will increase each round with 16 stitches.

Round 7: Ch3, dc into blo of each dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (88 dc)

Round 8: Ch3, dc into each dc, sl st to top ch of ch3 (88 dc)

Repeat round 8 eleven more times, changing colour for each round (round 9-19)
If you want to alter the height of the bag, just add rounds as described in round 8. As a rule of thumb for a boxy basket, add as much rounds as the bottom is wide.

Round 20: Ch3, dc once into next 15 dc, ch19, sk next 13 dc, dc into next 31 dc, ch19, sk next 13 dc, dc into next 15 dc, sl st to top ch of ch3

Round 21: Ch3, dc once into next 15 dc, sc into each ch st, dc into next 31 dc, sc into each ch st, dc into last 15 dc, sl st to top ch of ch3

Round 22: Sl st into blo of each st, sl st to first sl st. Fasten off.

Adding the lining
Measure the bottom and the sides (for the last one lay your basket flat and measure from side to side). Make one piece for the bottom and two pieces for the sides. Add a seam allowance to all sides (I added 1.5 cm to each side). Cut your fabric and iron the fabric onto the fusible web. Sew the sides together and sew the sides to the bottom. Fold over the seam allowance on the top of the fabric and pin the fabric to the basket. Sew in place with a whip stitch. For more information on sewing fabric onto a crocheted piece, check out my tutorial “Howto add a zipper and a lining”!

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  1. oh my I love how you pick colour for the basket, make them look like summer.

  2. Oh! I love this!!! This will be great fr my daughter small toys. You should link this in TheYarnBox.com

    1. Thank you! I just went over to see what the Yarn Box is as I did not know the site. It looks awesome, something like Ravelry but only for crochet, right? I will definitely put my patterns in the database. Thank you for the pointer!

  3. Oh! This basket looks awesome!
    Thanks for the pattern!


    1. You're welcome and thank you for the compliment! Have fun with pattern and let me know if you made your own basket.

  4. Ik vind hem helemaal geweldig!

    1. Dank je wel! Jij hebt een vrolijke blog zeg! Ik volg je!

  5. so colorful, i love it.

    I added it to the directory at www.crochetatplay.com

    If you have any other patterns you would like added you can submit them from our main page.

    I hope this link brings you lots of traffic

  6. Thank you! That is very kind and thoughtful to add me to their directory. I will have a look at it. Thank you for the tip!

  7. Love your basket! I have to make one some day...

  8. I love this and the colours are great!

    Visiting via Crochet Boulevard

  9. I love this pattern, and your blog! I've added you as a friend on Ravelry and can't wait to get started on this bag!

    1. Also, I think my favorite part of this bag is the Granny Square bottom!!!

    2. Thank you! :) please do show your basket, I would love to know what your version looks like!

  10. I love this pattern! I just finished this for my friend's birthday. Thanks for sharing. Is there anyway I can send you a picture of my finished bag?

    1. Hi Lori Ann,
      I would love to see your bag! You can send it either to b(dot)n(dot)debruinkarnekamp(at)gmail(dot)com or share it on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/ZomaarEenDag.
      Is it okay with you if I feature your picture in a blog post?

  11. I made this bag. I really liked it a lot but I wanted something for myself so I changed the colors up a bit & I wanted to handles to be a little less stretchy looking so I used 2 strands of yarn for rows 20 to finish. I also wanted it a bit bigger so I used a J hook. I would add a picture for you to see but I am not sure how to do that. :(

    Thank you for the pattern. I am sure that I will make this again as you have written it as well. It would have only taken me an afternoon to make (without lining) if I wasn't making changes. Great for a beginner!

  12. I am a beginner at crochet and pretty much self taught. I really like this pattern and would love to make this basket. My husband and I travel and I would like to make this basket to take my books in. Since I'm a beginner, how would I increase the size of the basket to make it wider and a bit taller? I don't know how to adjust a pattern to make it the size I want. Thanks for any help you can provide. Could you please email me at grammiecrum@gmail.com?

  13. hi I am going to attempt this in bright colours for my little boys toys....will let you know how I go

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