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Pattern: Setting Sun

* Click here for the English version (US crochet terms)!*  * Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie!*

Today I would like to present to you: my first official pattern. I am really excited about it!
The reason behind the pattern is not a very happy one though.
A month ago, my mother-in-law had to say farewell to her partner, who lost his battle against Kahler's disease. Kahler's diseas is a bone marrow cancer, and unfortunately it went in remission very fast after bone marrow transplantation, several sessions of chemotherapy and about a year without symptoms. Between his last blood sample, which showed that the protein elevated in Kahler's disease had risen very high and his death were only two week. Two weeks. It felt very surreal.

Vandaag deel ik met jullie mijn eerste volledige patroon. Ik ben er heel blij mee ook al is de reden er achter niet zo vrolijk.
Een maand geleden nam mijn schoonmoeder afscheid van haar partner. Hij had de strijd tegen de ziekte van Kahler helaas verloren. Kahler is een beenmergkanker en wat bij hem begon met pijn in de rug eindigde opeens heel snel. Nadat hij een hele tijd in remissie was en toen er opeens weer het Kahler eiwit werd gevonden en zijn overlijden zat maar twee weken. Heel bizar .

The Friday for his death, my sister-in-law called to tell that he got weak very fast (not eating and drinking) and needed morphine every hour (administrated by a pump). Something clicked in my mind and I told Big Man that I really needed to do something. And I started thinking about a prayer shawl. A prayer shawl is more common in the US than in the Netherlands. If you search on Ravelry it is made so much for people who are sick (or terminal), for new mothers, for mothers who lost their baby or child or a loved one. It is supposed to symbolize hugs, warmth and support.

De vrijdag voor zijn dood belde mijn schoonzusje dat hij heel zwak werd opeens en morfine nodig had ieder uur. Dat waren voor mij de tekenen dat ik iets moest doen en snel. En toen dacht ik meteen aan een "prayer shawl" In Nederland is er eigenlijk geen gebruik van een prayer shawl zoals in de US. Wij Nederlanders zijn er misschien te nuchter voor? Ik vind het een mooi idee (zonder de religieuze achtergrond). Een shawl geeft warmte, al is het niet direct de fysieke knuffel die je van iemand kan krijgen, het kan het wel symboliseren.

Over here, I have never heard of a prayer shawl before I got on Ravelry.
It is such a nice gift I think.
The idea about a prayer shawl is actually religious. While you are stitching you pray for the one you are making it and what you want to wish for this person. Also, most prayer shawls are made very fast and mostly consist of a certain stitch or a small repeat. Mostly they are made with thicker yarn to provide warmth.
I wanted something else. I love lace shawls. I love simple shawls. And I love sock yarn. Combine these three and I started making a shawl!
As I said, Friday we were called, so on Saturday I hurried myself in a free half an hour (with two kids) to my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) and searched for some sock yarn in the color I hoped my mother-in-law would like. Lucky for me they had the perfect yarn. That evening Big Man and me went to a concert, so while Big Man drove I started on my shawl. It took me three weeks from scratch to create something I think is a lovely lace twist to the standard prayer shawl.

Het originele idee van een prayer shawl is dat bij iedere steek je een gebed zegt voor degene voor wie de shawl is bedoeld. Meestal zijn ze van dikker garen gemaakt zodat ze lekker warm zijn.
Ik heb een zwak voor kant shawls, dus ik koos een lekker sokkengaren en begon te denken.
Toen we die vrijdag waren gebeld ben ik de volgende dag meteen  naar onze wolshop gegaan en kocht sokkengaren, we hesen ons in de auto voor een concert die avond en ik begon meteen met mijn eerste design. Drie weken later kon ik de shawl overhandigen aan mijn schoonmoeder (die hem nu nog steeds draagt in 2014)

Shall we have a look?

The pattern is free for all, have fun crocheting it! If you have made this shawl I would love to see your version, please share it in the database entry @ Ravelry!
Het patroon is gratis, ik wens iedereen er heel veel plezier mee! Als je hem ooit gemaakt hebt zou ik het leuk vinden als je je shawl plaatst in de database entry op Ravelry

As this is my first extensive pattern, I had no pattern testers, so if there is anything unclear, or if there has slipped a mistake in the pattern, or if I should have written something differently, please do not hesitate to leave me a message!

Update 30th of April
I looked through the pattern and found a few errors and spelling errors. Everything should be fixed now!
Ik heb het patroon in het Nederlands vertaald, yay! In de Engelse versie stonden wat foutjes, maar die zijn er nu ook uitgehaald. Mocht je iets tegenkomen waarvan je denkt "dat klopt niet!" laat het me alsjeblieft weten!

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  1. Hello,
    I really love your "Setting Sun" shawl! Do you happen to have "multiples" for it? I prefer to have mine a little longer/larger. I am going to bookmark your site. You are very talented!
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Deborah,
    Thank you so much for your comment and compliment! I am a bit inexperienced with the `multiples` but for row 2 of the border you need 9 stitches for the start of the row and (one starting dc plus ch and four ´dc, ch´ groups and a multiple of 8 stitches to make the repeat (that will be 4 ´dc, ch1´ groups on row 1) if I count it right and right before the point you need 4 stitches (so two ´dc, ch1´ groups).
    As it was my first pattern and I do not have the shawl in the house it is really hard for me to count the stitches in real life but I hope this will help you.
    Have fun with the pattern,

  3. Thanks so much for this pattern. Have an embaressing amount of sock yarn that I will use to make this!!!

  4. Thanks so much for this pattern. Have an embaressing amount of sock yarn that I will use to make this!!!

  5. Thanks so much for this pattern. Have an embaressing amount of sock yarn that I will use to make this!!!

  6. Thanks so much for this pattern. Have an embaressing amount of sock yarn that I will use to make this!!!

  7. This is a beautiful shawl. What a generous and loving spirit you have. Thank you for sharing it with us. My niece is having her first baby, and this would be a perfect gift for her.

  8. thank so much for this pattern, I have hard time with the border of the shawl, can you give me help!!!!! how to do it!

  9. Is the pattern in American crochet terms or British crochet terms? Your shawl is lovely, I can't wait to make one. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

    1. Hi Barbara, :), it is in US crochet terms!

  10. ik heb deze gelinked op publieke FB site erg mooi https://www.facebook.com/jennekevm?ref=hl

  11. Geweldige omslagdoek, maar heb je er ook een Nederlandse versie van het patroon misschien? Niet dat mijn engels nu zo heel erg slecht is, maar een patroon in het Nederlands is altijd makkelijker

    1. Hallo Will, het staat op mijn to-do lijstje, ik hoop hem binnenkort vertaald te hebben!

    2. Will, je antwoord was de perfecte "schop onder de kont" dank je wel! Ik ben bezig met de vertaling!

  12. Wat een mooi gebaar deze sjaal. Blijkbaar geeft het haar veel troost .

  13. Een prachtige sjaal Barbara, met een mooi verhaal. Ik heb 'm gelijk gedownload.
    Groetjes Inge

  14. I absolutely love your lovely shawl pattern. I live in San Antonio, Texas, and am a member of a Shawl Ministry group at my church. We meet twice a month and we all make shawls year round. They are given freely to anyone who is grieving a loss, experiencing depression, suffering an illness, going through a divorce, etc. We allow anyone in our congregation who knows someone who might benefit from a shawl to take a shawl to that person. We keep a record of who takes the shawl and the name of the intended recipient and where that person is from. It is interesting that some of our shawls have been sent all over the United States and one was even taken by a friend of mine to her dying brother in Germany. Our group now consists of around 12-14 women. When we meet we also have a short devotional and then eat lunch together. Last year we made 94 shawls, if I'm not mistaken. Luckily we had some left over from the previous year because we gave out more shawls than we made...more than 100 shawls were taken to be given away. Besides making the shawls, which we do year round, we make caps and scarves in the winter for the local Food Bank to be given out with the food baskets prepared for the needy. We have also provided caps and scarves to some of the local schools and to the Battered Women's Shelter. This year we are also making baby blankets for an organization which provides an alternative to abortion. I know that I am not the only one in my group that feels as I do. We all feel as blessed by being able to make these shawls as anyone receiving one of them. I look forward to sharing your lovely pattern with our group. Thanks once again for your lovely shawl.

  15. Wat een prachtig patroon met een prachtige gedachte erachter. Ik ga m binnenkort maken!

  16. The link to the pattern doesnt work.. Please help

  17. Lovely shawl, unfortunately I had to greatly modify the shawl size and had to improvise on the trim. I love the pattern and am pleased with my end product, but wish the pattern were offered with instructions on how to increase the size. Thank you for making this available.

  18. Thank you for this beautiful easy to understand pattern! I'm making one now and it works up really fast! I'm making several for gifts with matching fingerless gloves..

  19. The pattern is not on this page. The great story and description and the comments are here, but no pattern for the beautiful shawl. Sad.


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