woensdag 6 juni 2012

Day off part II

Officially yesterday was my day off, but I really did not have time to write a new post.
Yesterday was a day full of excitement, a bit emotional, as I gave my mother-in-law her shawl, and in the evening I released the pattern. I was flabbergasted at the amount of pageviews and the nice comments I got almost instantly over here and on Ravelry. Thank you so much!

Today we had a busy day, decluttering and cleaning around the house. The weather was not cooperating as it was raining lots. So dull, rain. Our kitty decided it was the perfect day just to chill out and sleep.
Little Man went to school, Little Lady and I chilled out a bit. I graded some tests. Played with Little Lady. Did some decluttering on the first floor, and soon it was time to pick up Little Man again.

After lunch, I cleaned the kitchen, put Little Lady to bed, and put away a lot of laundry. It was a big pile, so it felt like a relieve that it was gone!

Little Man played with his Lego, and it is so cute to hear him act out conversations with his cars.

We also made pie! Double chocolate pie. Mmmmmmmm. I think it is the perfect recipe for chocoholics and I made it lactose-free. Will post the recipe soon!

And I finished weaving in the ends of my doll blanket. So happy to have it finished! Pattern will be released soon, hopefully tomorrow if I can find the time. I am very pleased with the result.

But right now, I am going to eat this:

Happy evening, and see you next time!

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