donderdag 7 juni 2012

Finished! Daisy Doll Blanket

As I already told you, yesterday I was able to finish my doll blanket. I am so happy with how it turned out! It is girly, but not too frilly girly!

Update: Pattern can be found here!

I loved it as project. Most granny square projects are large, and require more than 100 squares. This was only 25 squares, 5 by 5.  I lose interest after a certain time with a project, and that is the reason why I am ashamed to admit that my beautiful African Flower Hexagon blanket went into hibernation in the attic room. I really have to finsh it though, but it gives me a "meh" feeling as I still have to join about 80 hexagons.....

I just love the colours! They are lovely together this red, pink, white and yellow. They really do resemble daisies. That was my goal, and I am very happy something clicked in my mind and I could make them like this!

For some obvious reason that moms do not understand, a lego car had to be placed on the blanket and Little Man insisted that I should take a picture. Silly boy.

I used Markoma Yasmina, an acrylic yarn, cheap, and available in an abundance of colours. Normally worsted weight yarn is used for afghans or blankets, but I wanted it to be smaller so I chose this yarn. It is meant for needle size 2.5-3 mm so it can be classified as a sportweight yarn. I used needle size 3.5 to keep it a bit smaller. You could use worsted weight and hook 4 mm and use this block for a normal sized afghan. It would be lovely I think.

Little Lady was also very pleased with the blanket I think. She is still too young to be asked! She played with it this morning.

Isn't she adorable?

And now, the full picture of the blanket:

Twenty-five blooming granny squares or afghan blocks! Twenty-five little daisies lying together happily and ready to brighten up Little Lady's doll bassinet.
The pattern will be available soon, really soon. I promise!

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