zondag 24 juni 2012

The Past Week In Pictures

As I mentioned earlier, it was a very hectic, very busy week for me. Now, the finals are done! I am done grading. I am still a bit stressed out by it, not my regulare mood, but hopefully I can relax a bit the  next few days. Little Lady and Little Man are also working on my nerves so I really need to breathe in, breathe out.

I tried to take a picture (or more) a day to give you a view of my week!


On Mondaymorning the tits were still as busy as ever, flying around with little snacks for the chicks. Monday afternoon, after arriving home, we noticed that there were no more tits sitting on the fence, calling, no more flying to the birdhouse, nothing. They secretly flew away. It was a downer for me as I really hoped to watch the chicks make their first flight.


Big Man is enjoying two weeks off since he is between jobs at the moment. He went to the city and the sweet guy brought me an Interweave Crochet. It has been a year since I bought one myself, and I was pleased to see that they have updated the magazine. The pictures are fresher, the patterns itself are more modern and up-to-date and the written content has been upgraded. Top notch magazine! It came at the right moment as I really needed something to flip through to give me a bit of a break during grading.


I, no WE, took a day off. It was such lovely weather, Little Mans school was closed so we went to the zoo! Bliss. We only went in the morning and is was great to have the zoo almost empty. It was fun!

The afternoon we spent in the garden. Little Man decided it was time to take the side wheels of his bike, and our little daredevil can cycle almost completely on his own.

In the evening we went out for dinner. We wanted to go for a long time, since it is a nice experience for the kids. We really want them to be used to go out for dinner in a real restaurant. We went to a Greek restaurant, not particularly childfriendly. The kids behaved very good for their first time in a real restaurant. Offcourse they could not sit down for the entire meal but they entertained themselves. Little Man crouched lots of time under the table and enjoyed himself looking outside the window, Little Lady found out that if she waved and smiled other people would wave back. They also really enjoyed the food.


The final day of grading...... I was almost done, just some scraps. You can get so enormously tired of grading. Ridiculous, but true.


My working spot for the entire Friday. Still not done with grading (had to wait for some colleagues to discuss how we needed to grade a class)... I spent the whole day checking grades, and putting them into the software we use.


A whole day behind the computer plus some hooky time is not good for my tennis elbow so this weekend I gave my arm some TLC.....
I have three projects in progress so in between playing arbiter for the kids (they were extremely annoying this weekend, I really do not know why they were behaving like this) I had some hooky time, but since two out of three is done with cotton my arm is not very happy.

Just to give you a glimpse of the projects I have been working on....


I made some pie to take along to a playdate for Little Man and Little Lady. We are going to visit the neighbour with her two sons tomorrow morning, let the kids play with eachother and drink coffee. And eat pie! It is a Boston cream pie. My first time making one, and it turned out nice.

From next week on I have more time to put in the blog. Finally! My head is spinning with ideas.

Also, I made a Facebook page to accompany this blog: Facebook page of "Zomaar een dag"
I will post news flashes, my rss feed, quick bits and pieces that I find interesting about crocheting, kids, ordinary days and stuff about recipes for lactose intolerant people over there. Hope to see you over here and over there!

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