maandag 4 juni 2012

The "Weekly" Biology Session: Backyard Birds II

They came out! We have little chicks in our birdhouse. They are probably just a few days old because their peeping sounds are very faint. I noticed it yesterday, and my heart stopped. So much fun. Hopefully we will see them fly out.

Mr. and Mrs. Tit are also showing different behaviour. No more evening "pa-tee pa-tee pa-tee" on the fence anymore by Mr. Tit. They are both flying on and off with snacks for the little ones. They are still very shy though and very fast when it comes to flying off. It is hard to take pictures of them. I only got some nice pics with Mr. Tit, who seems to do the majority of getting food for the chicks. How do you know the difference? Mrs. Tit has a faint yellow spot in the black stripe on her chest and Mr. Tit has a continuous fat black stripe on his. The top picture shows Mrs. and the middle and bottom pictures show Mr. Tit.


Hopefully I will have some nice pictures very soon. Their chicks will grow and grow and will needs lots and lots of more food. More flying in and out of the birdhouse, so more chance of getting a nice picture!

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