dinsdag 5 juni 2012

School's out. Almost.

It is nearing the end of the year. Time has flown! During those last few weeks everyone gets a bit emotional and thinks about the year at school that is almost at an end. You look at your kids and think "O my, they have grown!" Grown physically and mentally. I have made new friendships, renewsed contact with students from previous years and ofcourse some do not care if they see me at all anytime again during their school career. Boys that started being shorter than me, end the year with being longer than me.
You hear all the stories about their romances, their gossiping, the importance of their make-up (and hair ofcourse), how stupid other boys/girls are, and you hear their insecurities, obsessions, and what makes their heart beat faster. Sometimes they even tell you their secrets. I am glad I can be there for them if they need to pour out their heart.

For now, I just have piles of papers and tests to grade. I have one normal week left, and after that there is finals week and grade meetings (rapportvergaderingen, hoe vertaal je dat?). A very stressfull time, but I will manage.
I noticed my other "teacher" blog post was very well read, so I ask you, those of you who read my posts: any teachers out there experiencing those sentimental last few weeks as I do?

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