vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Day off part 1

I have been busy as a bee today! Due to the vacation of our babysitter, and not finding anyone who could take care of our lovely children today (and tuesday next week) I am sitting at home. Sitting would be not the right word, because Little Lady and I have been travelling through the city today, shopping! A bit of shopping for me and a bit of shopping stuff we really needed. I also worked on my pattern (almost time to release it) and took care of the laundry today.

Today's skies are grey and gloomy. We had some rain and it is really not feeling as June should be. Luckily it is not as hot as last week!

I got some shoes, and a new camera to play with. I have a DSLR, but I really wanted a compact camera to put in a small bag when I am out with the kids. The DSLR is just to big to put in a backpack with extra clothing, diapers, snacks and drinks for the kids and me. So hopefully this camera will fullfill my needs.

I've been crocheting like mad the last couple of days. I am working on a granny square doll blanket for Little Lady's doll. Or actually, for the doll crib that I bought on Queen's Day. I also bought fabric to hang over the crib, so I really hope it'll be done soon. The granny square is my own design. I am very pleased with it! The pattern will be up next week I think. Will put it together tonight and see if I can get all those annoying ends woven in.....

Little Man saw the repetitive  pattern in an instant when I sorted the first row, so he did the rest. Smart guy!

Twenty little blocks for a very (in my opinion) girly doll blanket. Five more were finished today, so I am done!

Update as I wrote this post this afternoon: well, won't happen! Little Lady wouldn't go to sleep, and hell broke loose at school because of some miscommunication about a test I wanted to give.... Bummer. Not a great start of the Friday evening. Will see how much I can get done tonight!

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