woensdag 13 juni 2012

The "Weekly" Biology Session: Backyard Birds III

The parents are very very busy! On and off they fly with caterpillars, worms and other little insects. The chicks are growing like weed as well. Their tiny peeps have turned into an orchestra of squeaks loud enough to hear inside the house if the garden door is open. I think there are two, maybe three chicks in the bird house. Let's see if they will fly out soon. Hopefully they will take off when I am at home and have my camera on hand!

These little birds are so fast! Really, they are speed devils. It is hard to take pictures of them. But now that they are feeding and have to wait till the other parent has left the bird house, they sit still long enough to take some pictures.
Also, I have come to know in what trees or bushes they hide, what their flying route is, so I can point my camera in the right direction and wait till one comes into view.

This is the shot taken just before the first picture. If I see something move I just click, and sometimes I am lucky!

I am very proud of this picture actually. This is mrs Tit and she holds something of a, well, what is it? It is an insect, something that can be found on trees I think. I really have no idea. This shot is a part of a larger picture and I am amazed at the quality of the details. It is such a crisp picture. Thank you DSLR! O, and of course my long phocus lens.

And sometimes, mr and mrs Tit adjust their flying route on their way to the bird house. On days at home I bike Little Man to school, so my bike is stalled in the garden. They seem to like the extra watching spot!

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