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Learn to Crochet Simple Style Part 5: Finishing Touch

I think you are probably already done with the practice pattern right? Or with another project? In this short lesson I will show you how to fasten off and how to weave in ends. I did not post it on part 4 because I really thought it would be overkill with all the pictures. I do hope I did not delay you all!
Well here we go. You need to have a pair of scissors nearby and a darning needle. Plus, ofcourse, your project.


Firstly, cut off your working yarn. Leave about 6" of yarn to your project.

Put the working yarn over your hook.

 Make chain stitch by pulling the working yarn through the loop on your needle

With the hook end pull the loose end of your working yarn completely through the loop on your hook. Tighten up. Done!

Ofcourse, with a small project you will have two dangling ends. Or maybe more. If you would cut them off, your work would simply unravel..... So, with both knitting and crochet it is wise to weave them in.

Here's how you do it:

Take your darning needle and pull your working yarn through the eye of the needle. A darning needle is a blunt needle. You need this type of needle because a normal sewing needle could splice the stitches and there is a bigger chance you are weaving in through the strands of the yarn in your project and not nicely behind stitches.

Run your darning needle behind 5, 6 or 7 stitches. I did 5 because the stitches were single crochet, and they are fairly wide. For double crochet I would take 6 stitches.

Pull thread through and then insert the needle one stitch back (the 5th in this example). This will lock your yarn.

Then, simply repeat the first step by weaving in behind another 5,6 or 7 stitches.

Take your scissors and cut the yarn flush.

Here is the little end that is sticking out. I do not cut entirely flush but leave a few millimeters and then stretch the fabric a bit. This causes the end to pop behind the last stitch.


This particular method is fairly new to me, I learned it on a blog while I was searching for how to sew together motifs. It is a really nice and fast method!

Have fun with it, and see you next time for part 6!

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