zondag 23 september 2012

Thank You!

The last week I watched my statistics in amazement.... The number of pageviews for my "Setting Sun" post was creeping slowly towards 1000. Yesterday evening it was 999. And this morning, 1001!

I want to thank you so much for your views. It is very lovely to see that this pattern has been viewed so many times, and that the story behind it has been read by lots of people. It is really touching. I know my mother in law is useing the shawl often on cold evenings.

The shawl itself has been made three times as I have seen on the Ravelry gallery and I really hope to see more finished Setting Suns!

I got good reviews for the pattern itself, and a lovely suggestion by one Raveler with an adjustment of the border. I really have to try the suggetion!

The Setting Sun was the start to a creative burst in my head and I hope that it will continue! For now I am very pleased with the results on this blog thus far, and I really would like to know what my dear readers think of it!

So with this post I would love to ask you some feedback and leave you with a big thank you, some virtual cupcakes and a question(s):

"What is the kind of topics on crochet that you still miss on the Internet?"


"What kind of crochet topics really should be covered?"

Please leave a comment and crochet on!

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