maandag 24 september 2012

Pillow Case Boost

We have these pillows on our couch that are really in need of renewal. Their colour (cream) seems so blah to me now that I am following several colour addicted bloggers (including myself), our orange wall and the colourful quilts that are decorating our couch.

By MiekK posted a little while ago a very nice and simple tutorial on how to sew pillowcases, without zippers or buttons. Also, Lucy at Attic24 made some lovely pillow cases which looked really adorable and very playful! Me wants.

So I am investigating patterns on the net. I would like either stripes or something with quilt blocks. I really like the fold over option as By MiekK explains in her tutorial. Easy, fast, lovely!

But, I have a Big Man whose opinion in home decoration I really count on. He needs to like it. Most things I just make and think: "Well, I like it, it is done, nothing to do about it!" and most of the times luckily he likes what I make. But in the past, some things have been abandoned because he simply hated it. So, for the pillow cases I want keep hubby happy (this is ofcourse all written tongue-in-cheek, love him dearly! He really has good taste in home decoration, but wild colours are not his thing).

For the fabrics I am going to limit myself. I am only going to use the fabrics I have in my stash.

I found several options.

I really like the stripey ones from Attic 24, but I would like to make it more uneven, with more pieces in one strip.
Free bag patterns, quilted shoulder bags, bag, bags, tote

I like these, with the extra touch of rickrack. Bit too colourful I think.

Free bag patterns, quilted shoulder bags, bag, bags, tote
I love this one. A bit oldfashioned homespun feeling. And I can learn to cut triangles and make windmills. Haven't done that yet!

Free bag patterns, quilted shoulder bags, bag, bags, tote

The ubar simple stripe pillow case. Love it!

They have 23 lovely free pillowcase patterns over at Really nice to check it out!
I also found free patterns for bags. Very tempting.

Free bag patterns, quilted shoulder bags, bag, bags, tote

Very tempting....... Isn't this one lovely?

I found what I was mentioning about strips for a cushion and that I wanted it to be of more parts. A bit vague, I know.

It is called a brickstone pattern!

Layered Brick Pillow

I would love to see this in black and purple or red and orange. As long as it goes with our orange wall!

Vintage Sheet Half Square Triangle Pillow

I also like this one. Very simpel, but lovely composition!

And I really did not need a new sewing project! Well, I will let it simmer for a bit. Talk with the hubby.

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