vrijdag 28 september 2012

A Lot of Snot

Last week it was Little Lady, past weekend it was Little Man, and now it is my turn. For the past two days I have been sneezing, coughing and dealing with lots and lots of snot. A bit of fever even.
So for the past two days and today I am taking it easy......

I hate having a cold and this time it is the first time I had so much snot and a major runny nose because of that I had to run for tissues every two or three minutes. I seriously emptied about ten bags of tissues! It was also the very first cold that irritated the heck out of my nose piercing. It still hurts a bit. The runny nose is gone, phew!

I really tried to see the good things the last few days.... And I made a picture of them. Moments to cherish...

Lots of cuddles from Mies. She was downstairs a lot, even with the kids around. She still is very scared of Rover.

I bought the annual Pink Ribbon Magazine. I buy it as long as I can remember. It is the ninth year, and I think I've participated for about 7 or 8 years. This year's magazin is a beautiful book. I am in awe. And very struck by all the articles in it. I am a daughter of a survivor and I think Pink Ribbon does an excellent job in pulling attention to breast cancer awareness.

I watched my (false) Rose of Jericho blooming. What a marvelous plant. It was a dead bulb with brown leaves 24 hours prior to this picture. It looks hideous I think, but for a plant it is a quite interesting plant. I think it will survive with my care!

In a moment of mommy's eyes not watching, Little Lady got her hands on some yarn and a crochet hook. In a few years, I will definately teach her how it really works (Little Man will probably learn in a year, or two). It looked so cute, you could see her think " Mom does it like this, I just have to do the same"

Two pair of feet under the quilt. We do not have enough blankets.... They are constantly fighting over this quilt. The Bargello Quilt is almost done, they know they have to wait till I have finished it!

And this morning I tried to work. Mies did not approve, she wanted cuddles. I got something done and I am going to do some more, see if our scanner works.
Have a lovely day!

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