zondag 2 september 2012

Learn to Crochet Simple Style Part 1: Introduction

Hi and welcome! 

In the coming weeks I am going to write a few blogposts that are going to form a crochet course. There are a few courses on the net, but I think I have a different idea. I do hope you will join me and either learn a few new things or refresh a bit of your knowledge. This course is particularly aimed at the true beginner, but I think an experienced crocheter will find a few good reads in this course.

The course will be covering the basics of tools, yarn, understanding patterns, crochet stitches, starting and finishing crocheted items and a few loose (important) tidbits such as gauge and how to substitute yarns. Lots of pictures will help in showing you all that need to be learned and what can be done with crochet.

In the upcoming two posts I will start with some general information you “need” to know before starting a project, and after that each post will cover crochet stitches. In between I will post some information about finishing projects.

What I will do differently in comparison to other courses is that after discussing a stitch I will give you a pattern that is using the discussed stitch to practice with your own hook and yarn. I think this will be a lot more helpful than just discussing a stitch and do nothing with it from my part and let you find a pattern to practice. Also, there are a few stitches that are used very little on itself in crochet and I thought it would be fun to do something special with them!

The course itself will be available both in the archive of my blog and on its own page. In the tabs at the left top (under the heading) all the parts will be listed and easy to acces so you do not have to search on the blog itself. The patterns will also be listed in the sidebar under “Patterns/Tutorials” for future reference. And last but not least, the whole course will be available in Dutch! Dutchies, you can find the parts of the course under the page tab “Simpel Leren Haken”.

The course will start tomorrow with the real first part. So my advice for tonight will be: if you have any at home, find a hook and some practice yarn and have some ready in a couple of days. Tomorrow I will start with basic information, so if you do not have hooks or yarn, no problem, you still have some time to find them!

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