woensdag 12 september 2012

Tuesday PJ Day

What should have been a working day (a very long working day with meetings and all) came to be a PJ day. Little Lady was ill and was having quite a fever. She was really sweaty and complaining Monday evening and after a night of tossing and turning her temperature remainded high. So I stayed at home with her. Big Man dropped Little Man off at school and fortunately he was supposed to lunch at school so I could stay home for the most of the day.

The whole morning was cuddle time. Little Lady was glued to me, and would not want to sleep because her nose was so stuffed.... Luckily after eating lunch she started to behave a little bit more like herself and she napped for about 2 hours after rubbing her chest full of Luuf and give her some nose drops.

Sitting on the couch for the most of the morning meant I had some time for getting all my thread ends up to the front of my quilt. I was really desperate to go into the last stage of this quilt. Quilting the borders, but I had to pull most of the ends up...

 So I persevered yesterday and finished most of the border and yesterday evening I cut off all the extra batting and underlayer! I am ready to cut the binding!!

Also, I am seriously overdue with a Sailor Sock update. Here they are! Both heels are done and I am on my way to the cuff. I really did not know how I managed to get the red heel (my second heel) right, so I do not think there will be a pattern for this amount of stitches. I feel like I did to many weird things to get the heel come out right.

Two examples of how our household works, or how it does not work. I really need to fold the clean laundry and put it away. Two different socks on both me and Little Man. Normally I do no mind wearing two different socks, it is actually normal for me, but I keep the kids in matching socks!

I was supposed to be home very late and I would alone (Big Man had a dinner with colleagues), so I thought I would run into the Chinese restaurant and take home some food. But plans changed, I was home, but with a sick kid, so after picking up Little Man I went to the grocery store. We ate sort of a kid friendly but healthy meal. Corn on the cob, fries out of the oven and fish. Especially the corn was incredibly yummy. Good food!

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