donderdag 20 september 2012

Autumn is Coming

Oooo dark clouds yesterday and today... Beautiful to look at, but not so much fun if you need to bike through the whole city and have to bring and pick up a Little Man from and to school. Yesterday we were very lucky to not get wet on any trip. Today, not so much luck. We got wet two times.

Yesterday there were some blue spots and in the afternoon the weather got much better. Today was the same. Autumn is really coming. Temperatures are going down, flowers are withering away and leaves are starting to fall.

Time to get cozy.

Yesterday afternoon Little Man had school break so he stayed home. Little Lady went napping and he was very happy to be playing with his Lego. And look who was starting to get as close as she would dare?

Mies is still trying to get used to the kids and Rover (our other kitty). She is as cute as a button, very playful, and just adorable!

I picked the apples from our apple tree since the weather was going to be very rainy and all the upcoming week. Rain is not good for apples, they tend to rot with very wet weather. It was a meager harvest this year. Only 6 apples that were either hanging on the tree (a couple were already fallen out of the tree) or all slimy because of the snails.

But, this year was the first year I really had the intent to do something with the apples.

Hmmm. Apple cinnamon cake.

Also, our window was in need of some harvesty kind of windowdressing. I put all little pumpkins near the window with some little owl candle holders and my Halloween pumpkin candle holders.

And today I made my first pumpkin soup for the autumn/winter season. Yum! I am ready for autumn!

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