zondag 30 september 2012

Finished: Scrappy Flower Bargello

My third quilt, and best so far, has finally been finished! Today I did some repair (I am not very good at stitching the border bias) and finally hid the very last ends.....

The last five days I pulled through the last 75% of all ends. I was so cold of the bit of fever I had and snotting and coughing like mad, so I hid myself three days under this quilt with a needle and scissor on hand. So besides keeping myself warm, I also kept my fingers busy.

I am really pleased with the outcome. There is absolutely no bunching of thread at the back and I don't know if it is because of the brand I used this time (King Tut on this one, Gutermann cotton on the other two) or because I have more experience with the quilting itself.
It really has an English cottage feeling.... I can imagine myself with this quilt on a nice cushy sofa, with a flowery oldfashioned tea cup in my hand overlooking a nice English garden.... I can dream on, right?

Here it is in full glory! Six panels, three upwards and three downwards, all flowery prints. Love, love, love it. Thanks to the wonderful tutorial of Bonnie at Quiltville.com.

Here is a little detail of the quilting itself. Every block, and both border have a line quilted at 1/4 inch from the side. It is subtle and simple, exactly like I wanted!

For the next quilt (I am not going to start one soon I think) I really want to try an all over design. But first, I have several other sewing plans, and I really need to see if I can use the embroidery foot I have with my sewing machine!

Here are the previous posts I made about this quilt, for more pics: Tuesday PJ day, After rain comes....

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