woensdag 3 oktober 2012

Spiders in September

I love it when Fall comes, and everywhere very earthy colors pop up. Warm green, yellow, orange, and lovely reds. All the fruits on the trees ripen and try to look delicous to those who eat them or are dispersed by wind, rain or creatures. They are trying to get in the ground before winter comes and hopefully, they will sprout and become a little plant in the next Spring.

September is spider month. The moment you get out of the door in the early mornings and you step with your head into a spiderweb or two, you know it is the start of the september. Lots of little hunter spiders crawl over walls and the ground, and the big ones make their web between trees, bushes, walls and lantern poles.

I love this sight.

Spiders are really interesting creatures. The way they spin their web is really intriguing, and of course lots of stories and myths, for example the spinning of a spiderweb is sometimes used as a symbol of "wyrd" or "fate". The sisters of Wyrd of Nordic Mythology spin the fate of mankind. Each strand stands for a human life, and with a knife they can end the life of man by cutting the strand. These sisters shape the destiny of mankind. With winter coming I think they are truly a symbol of the ending of the year. Dark times are coming. As you might notice, I am trying to find a bit of a seasonal rythm of the home again. I am trying to look outside more, and notice what is going on in nature. With the coming of Little Man and Little Lady those things went into background mode, but I still find those things very important.

The spider itself is a carnivorous (althought there exists one species that lives on a herbivorous diet) and can live up to two years. And how they catch their prey is very interesting. You can read it all in the Wikipedia entry. It is a very interesting read.

But most important is how beautiful they are in their natural habitat. In our garden and the area we walk and bike a lot there are spiders everywhere. I just love to look at them. Sitting very quietly in their beautiful web. As long as I do not get them in my hair or the web in my face I am a big admirer!

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