vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

A Week in Pictures

With the course ending and all, and the last week before the Fall Holidays, I did not have much time to sit down and type a large blog post.
I do have some things to show you, and some things I am very proud of!

Last Saturday it was Big Man's birthday and I made his favorite: apple pie. Absolutely delicious.

Because of his birthday there are flowers in the house, these lovely colourful flower.

Leftover day, yummy! Soup always tastes so much better when the herbs have a chance to completely flavour the soup.

Big Man's socks were finally finished two days before his birthday party. I think he likes them! I will make a seperate blogpost about them. 

I got my sewing mojo back and in two days I made a retro apron with a lovely denim fabric and a basket that is a bit too floppy for all the blankets and pillows on the couch. With two kids I found myself tidying up the couch several times a day, and for example, the pillows were a bit too many times on the floor instead of on the couch.

Mies is staying more and more downstairs and she is such a cute kitty. But sometimes also a very naughty kitty. She loves to sharpen her nails on the couch (no!) and loves to play with yarn (o no!). Here I am crocheting (the last practice pattern) and Mies is focusing (I think) on the wall or the light to keep up appearances...

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