donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Breakfast in Paris

Paris, je t'aime toujours..
We were in Paris! I did not want to give any full details on my blog because of nosy burglars and such since this blog also posts on my personal Facebook account.
Sorry if I was keeping you a bit too much in the dark.
Big Man thought it was time to cut the umbilical cord a bit, and take me on a trip without the kids. Such a great idea! I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but I am so so glad we did this. It was wonderful. The last time we went away overnight was two and a half years ago (also to Paris, we went to an anniversary concert of Opeth with a good friend of ours) so it was a bit "time" to have some time for ourselves.
We had a lovely time, immersing ourselves in beautiful sights, cultural trips and lovely food. I've got lots of things and sights to show you.
Ofcourse there were a few creative moments on this trip and I got a lot of inspiration in those moments.
On a crochet note, my design attempt from this week went completely into the trash can yesterday. Even Big Man tried to help me out but what I wanted to get into my design really utterly failed. It just would not fit. I will need to try something else.
Right now we are riding the train back home, back to our kids (who had a lovely time with their grandparents who send us very reassuring texts over the past few days).
I will soon post a few pictures and a French yarn related post!

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