zondag 7 oktober 2012


That's how my past week has been. Crazy. Long working days, and on my days off a lot of unforeseen appointments. You can imagine how the house looks right now!
I know you are probably waiting for the next episode of the crochet course and I am still working on the practice pattern....
The thing is, the half double crochet is really an odd stitch. There is so much debate surrounding this stitch it is unbelievable. I just needed some general information about the turning chain and how to decrease evenly, but Google was not really helpful. Luckily there were a few very helpful members on Ravelry answer all of my questions!

Right now I am in the finishing stage of the practice pattern. It'll not be long anymore. Really, I promise.

What is happening right now at home?  I am again battling with snot (yay!), and our dear Rover came home yesterday evening limping on three paws instead of four. He has fractured his left paw when he was about half a year old, but now he is having pain in the other. Tomorrow I am going to call the vet and see if it is broken or just injured. I hope it is the latter.

School is really in full swing. Grading work has started to pour into my bag. I had my first grading papers, some tests and I have to grade presentations. 
On the other side, I am going to discuss some really nice subjects this year. Subjects I haven't seen in 13 years or so, and part of me is thrilled because some things are really awesome, and part of me is a bit scared because they are also subjects that were really hard for me to grasp during my own high school years.
For example:

Citric Acid Cycle (wikipedia.org)

Doesn't it look awesome? I think there is a bit of geek inside of me. The funny thing is that it seems that my abstract thinking really has evolved over the years. I was a very average pupil in high school, and a very average student in university. Some subjects were really hard for me to understand. But right now, bells are ringing, lightbulbs are flashing and things are starting to click. Lots of fun! And hard work to get all the subjects in my brain and ready to discuss with my own pupils.

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