vrijdag 13 december 2013

Learn to Crochet Tunisian Style: In the Round with Colour Changes

Missed a lesson? Here you can find the whole Tunisian crochet course!

Last week I showed you how to crochet in the round and make the left cozy. This week I am going to show you how to change colours and get a striped cozy!
This tutorial will be mostly the same as last week, but I will show you how to change yarns and how to deal with all those ends. If you want stripes of a single colour for the background and the vertical bars, make sure you have two balls of the same colour.

No ebook this time! This is a real tutorial.

 Pick colours that you like and look good together. I am going to use two colours in my stripes so I chose some colours form the  colour combination board on Pinterest. I am using Rowan cotton and a double ended hook size 6 mm. And a stitchmarker.

 Pick your glass jar for your cozy.


Make a chain that fits around your jar, sl st to close and be careful not to twist your stitches.


Mark your first stitch.

Pick up stitches like you would do for the foundation forward pass.

 If you have enough stitches on your needle, just flip it over and slide your work to the left, like you did last week!


Pick your colour for the return pass and pull through two loops.


Like this

Keep repeating this step until you have about four stitches left.

Flip it over!


Slide to the left, and go about with a forward pass again!


With this cozy I used the Tunisian Simple Stitch again, so when I arrive at my first loop I insert my hook from right to left underneath the front vertical bar and happily pick up more loops. And I reposition my stitchmarker. Make a stripe as wide as you like. Just keep on working those loops on your hook and off your hook.


But! I want to change colours. So I stop before my first stitch of the round I just made.


Pick two (or one, if you are making single colour stripes, make sure you have two balls of that colour).


Insert your hook in the first stitch, wrap your yarn over your hook for the forward pass in your new colour and pick up a loop.

Continue picking up loops with your new colour until you have enough stitches on your hook.


If you flip your work over to start a return pass, you need to change your colour in this pass as well. Finish your last two loops of your old forward pass colour.


Wrap your new return pass colour and pull through those two loops.


Now you can go on and make your return passes with your new colour!


Go on like this, make more stripes if you want to! The only downside is that you will have a shift in colours, the same as you would have with making a striped tube with single crochet stitches. I really do not know any solution for this, sorry!

To make your last finishing round you need to stop again in the stitch before your first stitch of that round. On the return pass keep working your loops off the hook until you have one loop left.

With your forward pass colour start making slip stitches along the round for the closing round and putting your hook into the stitches the TSS way. This method actually works better than the method I showed you last week!


And voila! Done! Enjoy your cozy!

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