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Learn to Crochet Tunisian Style: In the Round

The last four/five (still haven't decided yet ;) ) lessons will be more tutorials than exact patterns. I am going to try to make printerfriendly versions of these tutorials so that you can print them out easily and will look nice. The techniques I am going to cover in these lessons are hard to find on the net, so I hope you will give them a try as they are very much fun!

Today I am going to show you how to crochet in the round Tunisian Style! Grab that two-sided hook that you were wondering how to use and very very carefully read this post. I really really am going to try to make a video of this techniqeu with Big Man but we have to be kidless then, so please be patient. Grab two colours, or two balls of the same colour for this tutorial. We are going to make a glass jar cozy as a project, but it could also be a mug cozy, wrist warmer, you name it. Any project which uses a cilindrical shape can be made with this tutorial!

CLICK here for the printerfriendly ebook!

Now, grab your hook and a stitch marker. Really, use a stitchmarker!


First of all, make a length of chain stitches that fits snugly around your project. I chose to start with red. The colour you start with will get the vertical bars, and the second colour will be the background colour. You will see what I mean in a bit.


Close your chain with a slip stitch, carefully not to twist it.


 The loop that is now on your hook is your first stitch. Mark this stitch with the stitch marker.


Start picking up stitches like you would do for the foundation row forward pass.


Do not try to pick up as many stitches as you can, because it will get stretched as you are working in a circular fashion. Just pick up ten or 15 stitches max.

Pay attention now please!


Watch your hook. You just picked up stitches and your work is on the left side.


Flip your hook to the other side. Your work will now lie at the right side!


Slide your work to the left hook. So remember, flip your work and hook and slide your work to the opposite side.


Take your second ball or second colour. Since you are going to make rounds in a spiral way you do not have to make a chain stitch. Just put your yarn over the hook and pull through two loops like you would do on a return pass.


Here you go, here you worked most of your stitches with a return pass. Stop when you have about 3 to four loops on your hook. Now you want to pick up some more stitches with a forward pass.


Flip your hook again.


And slide to the left side. Pick up your first yarn strand (in my case the red yarn) and start picking up loops.


And I have enough forward pass stitches again.


I flip my work.


And I slide it again to the left, and my yellow yarn is free again to work with and to work of my loops with a return pass.


I stop at three stitches.


And I flip it over, slide it to the left and finish my first round of picking up loops with the forward pass.


Since I am going to make this cilinder with a spiral, I just go on, slide my hook in the first stitch behind the vertical bar (I am going to make a completely Tunisian Simple Stitch cilinder) and pick up my loop.


Here is my first loop of the second round. Reposition your stitchmarker to that loop.


Here you can see I have put my stitchmarker into the loop of my first stitch and without worries I can pick up more stitches.


This is how the first round will look if you are using two colours. The first colour (forward pass) you used will create the vertical bars and the second colour (return pass) will create the background.

Go on like this. Pick up loops, flip your hook, work the return pass with the second colour and do not forget to reposition your marker. Carry on until your work is long enough.


Pick up the last loop before your stitchmarker. This will be the end of the last round. Work your loops off your hook in the return pass with your second yarn and work until you have 2 loops left. One will be the colour of the forward pass, and one of the return pass.


Take your return pass yarn/colour and work those last loops in a normal return pass manner. YO, pull through last two loops.


This is the result.


Flip your work, slide to the left and cut off your second yarn strand. Leave  an end of about 7". 


Work your last round as a last row, slipstitching in a TSS way (inserting your hook behind the front vertical bar) along the whole round with your first yarn strand/first colour.


Slip stitch in first stitch and fasten off.


Tadaa! A cozy!

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