donderdag 7 november 2013

Busy Fingers Showing Off! #22

I am making it a quickie this week. I have been disorganized for the last two weeks, so if I haven't visited you, I am terribly sorry! I will hop over today!

Wintery projects!! Yes, that is the feeling I get from last weeks link up. Ofcourse there were three projects that were clicked most by you, my dear readers!

Here is the top three:


Renate's poncho with pompom border @ Renate's haken enzo 

Sweater of many colors made by Liz @ Howling at the Moon


Paper skull ornament made by Liz @ Howling at the Moon

I love love love this paper piece!

Do you have a Halloween project? Did you crochet a costume?
Have you started on winter stuff?

Please do link up and share!

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