dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Pattern: Metamorphosis

A new pattern, one of a few I have planned for the coming weeks!

I created this scarf in the last couple of months. It is a more technical kind of scarf, joining squares to create length and adding a chevron border to create width.

I made it super extra long, and I love it to pieces. It was tiresome to work on, but it is so nice to wear!

You can customize this scarf in many ways by choosing different colours for the chevron border and squares or adding more rows to make it wider. After finishing it, I thought: "Wouldn't it look smashing in greys, white and black?". Just an example of a colour combination I would think to be perfect for this scarf!

As for yarn choice I made this scarf in cotton so I could wear it during spring/early summer and it is a little bit stiff/heavy (but not that it bothers me), but I think it would create a nice winter scarf if you would choose thicker wool yarn.

The pattern is available through my Ravelry Store and it is downloadable for free: download now 

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