maandag 1 juli 2013

Evening Walk


Yesterday evening I had such a blistering headache from all the grading... Really I felt bad. Really stressed out. I have been sleeping badly for the last four days, so old feelings were creeping into my head. I did/do better as expected compared to the amount of stress I had the last two weeks, but it is no fun at all.
So I asked if Big Man would put the kids to bed and I went to the nearby park to get a bit of peace.
It was great, feeling the wind, and trying to get the headache blown away.

As of today, I am done with grading tests and entering scores for this schoolyear. A few leftover tests will come my way in the coming week from students that were sick during exam week, but the rest of it? DONE.

I hope I will feel better in a few days.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hope you feel well soon - lovely images x

  2. Beautiful flowers. Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope the headache go's away quickly. love Carol

  3. Hi Carol and Sweetpea,
    I am feeling better already thank you so much! The headaches are starting to dwindle and I finally slept the whole night last night.
    Thank you for your comments!


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