maandag 1 juli 2013

~Monday Music~

~ Every Monday, a Little Tune from my Life!~

I think most of you, my dear readers, are pretty well known with long play records and music tapes. I grew up with those!
In the early 90's the CD came.
And so, one day, a CD player came into my parents house. A massive thing, and very expensive as I recall. We kids were not allowed to touch it!

And with the CD player came the first CD:

Gary Moore's Run for Cover

It has been played over and over and over.
Lately I have been listening to it again, and it is such a great album. Lots of guitar rock, and you can hear the memories that are embedded in those who lived in the 80's in Northern Ireland. The same themes you can hear in the early U2 songs.
It brings back memories of it been played very loud while my mother was dusting off shelves.
And it brings back memories of other songs by Gary Moore and of Thin Lizzy (the band he was in before he went solo).

Sadly, he passed away last year.

But he left some great music!

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