woensdag 17 juli 2013

Old Things Out, New Things In

We are quite laidback at the moment over here... I am really really enjoying my vacation.
Yesterday I was all alone at home and I got a lot of things done....Lots of paperwork, pattern writing, washing and folding clean clothes and a bit of crochet. O, and finally making an update on the Stash Busting Project by calculating all the yarn I've used over the past month!

I tried to capture a few moments in the past two days that surprised me, and were really enjoyable moments!

While doing the dishes, this little Tit was hopping in our front garden, searching for food.

New school books! They are very very nice.

Prewashed fabric for a new sewing project.

The neighbourhood cat who tries to sneak in now that he is not that shy anymore.

New knickers for Little Girl as she progresses in the Pottytraining Project.

Sneak peak at a few crochet designs, one of them will be released this Friday!


Aaaaaaaand an update on the Stash. It looks organized doesn't it?
Here's what I did in June and a bit of July: I managed to bust a bit over 3.5 kilos of yarn.
Yes, that's right.
I did cheat a bit however :)
1.8 kilos went into projects such as my Granny Flower Rug and my Metamorphosis scarf (and another secret project).
I donated almost 2 kilos worth of yarn to the monthly knitting club for the elderly.
I was looking at my leftovers and my acrylic stash and with each ball/skein/leftover I thought "Am I going to use it?". If the answer was no, I put it in the bag for donation.

It felt so good to look at my stash after I brought the big bag of yarn away. It really felt like some heavy weight was lifted of my shoulders.
For the rest of the yarn, I really have some great ideas.
I am totally ready to whip up some great projects with the remaining 12 kilos in my Stash!

Have a great evening/afternoon and see you tomorrow, we have some lovely links waiting to be featured in the weekly Link Party!

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