maandag 8 juli 2013

~Monday Music~

Coming Thursday, Big Man and I are going to visit another concert.
We were in doubt wether or not to go, but it is in our home city, in a lovely small venue so we decided we really really needed to go.
And then we found out it was going to be an all acoustic show. Even more reasons to wait no longer and buy tickets!

We are going to see the lovely Anathema.
They make absolutely stunning atmospheric progressive rock.
No racing metal guitars and wails, but very melodic (think Pink Floyd) and well written songs.

Three of the bandmembers are brothers (Daniel, Vincent and Jamie Cavanagh) and they lost their mother in the late nineties.

The songs in which she has been described are just absolutely beautiful and I really wanted to let you hear one of them.
I am going to enjoy the music so much coming Thursday!

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