donderdag 25 juli 2013

Busy Fingers Showing off! # 9

Such lovely projects have been linked up last week!!

And it seems we got a lot of summery colours in last link party. They were a joy to look at, thank you so much for linking up.

Shall we look at the top 3?

Number 1


Flower necklace made by Moois van M(i)e (comes with an excellent tutorial!)

Number 2

Baby blanket mady by Renate

Number 3


A very delicate and sweet crochet dress made by  Foxxy

Thank you all for linking up! Here are the "I've been featured" buttons, I would be delighted if you would grab them! I've pinned all the featured projects on my Pinterest page!

For the upcoming weeks I was pondering with an idea. I will be going on a trip soon, and I inted to keep the next Link Party open until I come back. It will be open for two weeks and I will post an update and link to the original party on the Thursdays while I am gone.

But for now: Have you been crocheting/knitting/embroidering etc. during this heat? What are you up to with yarn and needle?

Let's show it!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Alweer een projectje van mij dat in "the picture" staat!! Dank je wel Barbara!!! En nu maar hopen dat er veel links geplaatst worden waar ik (wij!) weer inspiratie uit kunnen halen!!
    Groetjes van Renate

    1. Hoi Renate, graag gedaan! Ik hoop ook dat het lekker druk wordt!


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