maandag 15 juli 2013

July Garden Delight


Last week I wasn't much on here, but I did pull out the camera whenever I could because there were so many things to see and do.
I had meetings everyday, so my free time was very very limited (Wednesday afternoon was my only moment at home).

I did try to enjoy myself, and tried to relax inbetween all the busy moments.

We had some lovely treats such as the first watermelon of the year and homemade Turkish pizza. Delish.

I was amazed and delighted at the amount of "bokeh" (blurred background) I got with my teeny tiny compact camera. The above flowershots are stunning! Really, it was a pleasant surprise and I am so pleased with these shots. All of the July/August flowers are starting too bloom and it is such a great sight. Compared to last year's summer there is so  much more life and colour in our back garden and it really pleases me.

We also had some strange visitors in our garden. You can imagine me, almost sqealing of delight at the creatures we saw, running to get my camera and urging Little Lady and Little Man not to scare the little one away!

I cannot place the purple cricket though. Is it a normal cricket? I have never ever seen a cricket in that colour, only green or brownish... If anyone what its name is, please leave a comment!

The butterfly is actually a day flying moth (after a Google search): a Spotted Yellow (Pseudopantera macularia). Really cool to watch.

Upcoming week I have some plans to finish off a pattern (at least one!), finish up a project and start a little something for Little Lady. And try to clean my unfortunate neglected home!!!

See you all soon!

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